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Miss Pre Teen Mt. Rushmore South Dakota International 2020

Livi Wornson

Since I was little, I have loved dance, art, animals, music and reading! I don’t know when I learned to read because it was before I started school. The letters and sounds came naturally to me. I believe reading is the foundation to learning!


Through my love of reading, I have excelled in school and I received the President’s Award of Educational Excellence!Gaining understanding in reading has showed me that anything is possible and there is always more to learn. 


My grandma always says, “If you can read, you can do anything!” This inspired me to start my organization, “Read To Lead South Dakota”. I collect and donate books around my community to share my love of reading. I want to make sure everyone has access to books... no matter their age, income or location. Reading opens up countless opportunities to learn and grow! 


In the world of books there is an endless potential for adventures, discovery, friendships, creativity and imagination! I love to read!

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Miss Pre Teen Mt. Rushmore South Dakota International 2020

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